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Event Details
Arts & Arrows II Event date: October 5th, 2012 - October 7th, 2012
Hosted by Shire of Glenn Linn - Lake George, NY
Event Last Modified: September 29th, 2012
Event details
Updated:  9/29/2012 **Friday night has been added to the weekend event!

The fair shire of Glenn Linn is pleased to host an event with archery and the arts.  Shire champions in archery and the arts & sciences will be chosen!  Plans include the usual creativity towards a full day of ARCHERY fun and skill by the humble Lords T'mas and Isenbart, and Erik 'Mage.  After feast will be a night shoot! 

The site is forty plus acres of trails through trees around a beautiful pond, as well as platform tents and winterized buildings for ease of packing - but you may bring your tent if you also wish.

Art & science CLASSES are being planned.  Ongoing WORKSHOPS will include cloisonne/enameling, lamp work beads, forges, more ;) If you have any ideas or desires, please contact frigga at the email address below.  It is the same site as MSS8 that was held in Lake George, NY a couple years ago.  The site has:  lots of outdoor space for forges and casting; indoor space that is out of wind for torches; and also outdoor but under a roof porches for any other type of class! 

CLASS SCHEDULE in addition to open forge time: 
9-11:30am Enameling/Champleve/Cloissonne class and workshop
10-1130am Campfire Cooking (we can use the finished dishes to add to day board)
2-4pm Lampwork Bead introduction and open workshop to follow
2-4pm Shoe Patterning

An early FEAST at 5:30pm will be provided for a separate fee.  See below.
Feast menu:  Roast pork, roast chicken, spring salad, hossenfeffer soup and veggie bisque soup, spinach with bacon, honeyed carrots, roasted fall roots, fresh bread mini loafs with flavored butters, cheeses, fresh fruit and veggies, baked desserts.

Please consider bringing an item towards the POT LUCK DAY BOARD held in the feast hall to compliment the two warm soups and some simple fighter's fare.  *Period fare is not required.* Thank you in advance for bringing a dish to share!

This event is two overnights:  Friday to Sunday for late night archery and forging activity.  You may bring your own tent to pitch on the grassy, green areas, OR reserve a platform canvas tent with four cots and mattresses, OR reserve a mattress and floor area in one of the buildings. 

PETS are welcome as long as all the NYS laws are followed (all four legged attendees must be leashed and picked up after your pet).  A dumpster is available for all waste.

Open to all those attending are the magical amenities:  modern showers and flushies in the buildings.  Also, privies are located throughout the site.  Potable water spigots are also throughout the site.

Schedule on Saturday 10/6/2012:
8:00am Gate opens
9:00am Five Shire A&S Champ set up begins
9:00am morning class schedule begins
10:00am Five Shire A&S Champ voting starts
NOON to 1:00pm Pot Luck Day board (there will be no classes scheduled during these 60 minutes)
NOON to 1:00pm "Ask the Artisan" hour
1:00pm afternoon class schedule begins
3:30pm Five Shire A&S Champ voting ends
3:30 to 4:00pm retrieve your Five Shire A&S Champ items!
4:30pm Feast set up starts
5:00pm Feast begins

Rules for entry:
*Nearly everything and anything or everything and anything that we do in the SCA falls within the scope of an arts and science entry for this championship!
*Please enter as many items as you desire.  All entries by one person will be considered one display and will be judged as one.
*All ages are welcome to enter!
*Unfinished items are allowed!!
*Documentation is not necessary.
*If you have a performance or demonstration type art, please 'display' it during the "Ask the Artisan" hour.  Each entrant may sit with their display for questions and answers during the designated hour from noon to 1:00pm.

*Entries are always welcome throughout the day!* But please be aware you might miss out on some votes if you enter too late in the day.

The Five Shire A&S Champion will be chosen by popular vote.  Beans will be given to each person when trolling in at gate.  These beans will be placed by each voter into a sealed cup that is part of each entrant's display.  These beans will be tallied at the end of the voting period for each entrant.  The Champion will be announced by 4:00pm.

The fair shire of Glenn Linn will be holding a Glenn Linn Arts & Science Championship alongside the Five Shire A&S Champ.  A different color bean will be used for the Glenn Linn voting, following the same format and rules as the Five Shire A&S Champ procedure.  These beans will be tallied separately from the beans used for the Five Shire A&S Championship.
Site Opens: 10am Fri
Site Closes: 3pm Sun

Event Website: http://glennlinn.eastkingdom.org/events.html

Event Location
Hidden Lake Camp
1799 State Route 9N
Lake George, NY  12845

Interstate 87/I-87/Adirondack Northway begins north of Albany, NY and continues to the Canadian border north of Plattsburgh, NY.  Please be aware that the interstate south of Albany, NY is a different road and the exits are numbered similarly.  Please double check your directions!

Please take your best route to I-87 and use exit 21. 
Turn right off the exit ramp if coming from the north. 
Turn left off the exit ramp if coming from the south.
Follow Rt 9N south 2.8 miles.  Look for the green and white SCA signs.  The Hidden Lake Camp entrance is on the right. 

Parking is in the lot near the road.  You may unload archery gear near the field or art/supplies near the buildings and then immediately park in the lot near the road.

Event Fees
Site : PRE-REGISTRATION due by Friday, Sept 14, 2012:
Adults $15**
Child $5 age 17 and younger
Babes in arms free
Family cap $40 (minus $5 for each adult SCA member)

REGISTRATION after the re-reg deadline of 9/14/12:
Adults $18**
Child $6 age 17 and younger
Babes in arms free
Family cap $48 (minus $5 for each adult SCA member)

** Subtract $5 if SCA membership can be proven

Feast: All feast seats are $7.  Reservations are due by Friday, September 14, 2012.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA New York, Inc - shire of Glenn Linn

Contact Information
Event Steward:
frigga halladottir (Jen Haley) 518-792-7923 frigga@glennlinn.eastkingdom.org

**Please contact frigga if you would like to each a class!!

Send Reservations to:
Send check/money order (US funds only please) to:
Arts & Arrows II
c/o Susan Youngman (aka Lady Arnelif the Red)
39 Washington Street
Greenwich, NY 12834

For each person registering, please include:
names (mundane and SCA)
indicate if adult or minor
SCA membership info (proof or if not a member)
feast or not
day trip or overnight space - no change in entrance fee
Also, include address and phone number so we may contact you if necessary.

If you are bringing a minor unaccompanied by their parents, please bring appropriate waivers:

Questions to Lady Arnleif the Red:

Other Contact Information:
Archery Marshal in Charge:  Lord T'mas

Head Cook:  Lady Emma MacTaran 518-683-4063

If you have any questions, ideas or would like to volunteer to help with any class or workshop, or have any possible food allergy issues please contact:  frigga@glennlinn.eastkingdom.org

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