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Event Details
Cohasset Wars [formerly Vinland Raids] EK War College Event date: June 14th, 2013 - June 16th, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Smoking Rocks - Yarmouthport, MA
Event Last Modified: June 12th, 2013
Event details
In times long ago there was a Barony of great size and power surrounded by many small Shires.  Often the powerful and seemingly omnipotent Barony would flex its might, and raid and capture goods and chattel from the weaker Shires and charge large amounts to cross their borders for trade and protection.  Long did this go on until a far thinking Shire Reeve, realized that though the outlying Shires alone were small, yet together they could form a force that would compel the powerful Barony to respect their borders and goods.  Thus in that time the Confederation of the Fret was born and the united might of these three Shires made the great Barony look else where for sport and raiding for many years to come.  Time though did pass, as it always does, and the minds of men forgot the old ways, the old confederations.  Larger looming enemies vexed the Kingdom and wars followed wars both internally and without, until many generations had passed.  Now the groping Barony again rises, and looking about has taken to eye the northern borders of what once was the young and weak Shire of Smoking Rocks.  Again the gimlet eyes figure that raiding and rapine upon the land can be used to disrupt commerce and trade and Pariahs may be leveled against the Good peaceful Baroness of the now Barony of Smoking Rocks and lands seized and threatened.  Quickly They of the grasping hands and greedy heart imagine the flow of goods and coin into Their coffers, as the small hardworking Barony will flinch and yield to Their might and demands.

Yet They are wrong.  Nay they are more than wrong, they are foolish.  The Barony is not some ill ruled land in which they can ride unhindered to raid and pillage at will.  Nay, here they face a united people, a people born of hard work, toil and trained in war.  Here they will face numbers of men from all about the Kingdom.  Men who will heed the call of the old Confederations and the plea of a peaceful and free yet fierce people willing to fight this tyranny to the end!  If you are of such a mind join us at the First Cohasset Wars!!  Here the assembled forces of Carolingia and Smoking Rocks will do honorable and chivalrous combat in all the forms of War.  They will compete also in the arts, sciences and song and story as well!  Come join us for a weekend based on the Spanish border raids of the 12th to 14th centuries and enjoy the hospitality of the Barony of Smoking Rocks in a weekend full of merriment, feasting, carousing, learning and WAR!

NOTE:  This is a Boy Scout Camp so it is a dry site.  Also per their rules of the past few years, ONLY SERVICE DOGS are allowed on site.


POINT SCHEME FOR COHASSET WARS – 15 total points for either Barony to WIN!!!

Come represent the Barony of Smoking Rock or the Barony of Carolingia as they Battle Cohasset Wars!!!!

A and S total of 3 points
Adult A and S - number of adults entering per side –not the number of items entered
Child A and S - Number of children entering per side – not the number of items entered
General A and S -Total number of people voting per side

Fencing 2 points

First War point tourney will be "the Insult tourney" * Round Robin Double Elimination (Barony of Smoking Rocks V.S.  Barony of Carolingia *.  You must in insult your opponent before engaging them in combat.  The winner will win 1 point for there respective Barony.

Second War Point "The Grate War" all out field battle between The Barony Of Smoking Rocks V.S.  Carolingia *Best 2 out of 3, WOUNDS RETAIN IN BATTLE*.  So bring your swords, daggers, shields, R.B.G's, any thing would be period because this is an all out war....  * the winning team will win one point for their Respective Barony

Thrown weapons 2 points total
Adult tourney 1 point
Populace Throw ages 5 and up

Heavy List 3 points.  Details to be determined later

Archery 2 points
1 point; total score for novelty shoot -each archer will declare for Smoking Rocks or Carolingia.  Barony with the highest total score will earn the War Point.

1 point Total number of archers shooting a royal round on Saturday between 10am and 1130am.  Each archer will declare for Smoking Rocks or Carolingia.  Barony with highest total number of participants will earn the War Point.

NOTE:  Individual with the highest score on the novelty shoot will be recognized with a prize at Baronial Court.  (no war point)

Bardic 1 point [due to time constraints.  Baroness Nest and Baron Fergus will choose 4 participants each to represent their Baronies.

The Bardic Competition will be held at 4:30.  When it is finished we will have court.  The audience is going to vote, so even if you are not planning to participate as a potential Bard, please come to participate as the audience!

The Bardic Competition will be a War Point.  The winner will be chosen by the audience.  The Barony of Smoking Rocks will also be holding its Baronial Bardic Championship at the same time.  Members of the Barony of Smoking Rocks who wish to be considered for the Baronial Championship should let Alys Attewater know that they are competing for that position on the day of the competition. 

To choose a "performing arts" Champion for the Barony of Smoking Rocks and winner of War Point at Cohasset War.
The performing arts include:
i) Vocal music
ii) Instrumental music
iii) Story telling
iv) Poetry
v) Drama
vi) Dance
vii) Physical arts (jugglers, acrobats, jesters, Magicians, etc.)

a) The overall entrants on Saturday will be judged by audience vote.
b) Presenters are limited to 10 minutes.
c) competitors will present one piece.  All entries must either be documentably period OR have a period "feel", sound, or ambience (i.e.  be "periodesque").
d) competitor will present name of piece and announce whether it is a period or "perioid" piece, and if perioid the author of the piece.
e) Pieces can be presented either as solos or single person with group backup.
e) Group entries:

i) Group entries will be permitted for both the War Point and the Baronial Championship.  In the case of the Baronial Championship we are looking for a single individual to honor.  Therefore, the entrant's contribution to the piece must be easily distinguishable from that of the other members of the group.
ii) If the entrant's contribution is not easily distinguishable (i.e.- to determine the abilities of one singer in a madrigal group), then the entrant
must also perform at least a portion of their "part" as a solo.  This can happen either before, after or during the group performance.
iii) If the entrant's part can be easily separated by the judges (i.e.  - one actor in a group), then a solo presentation will not be required.

Shopping 1 point
Side that spend the most money gets this point!  This will be calculated from noon on Friday to 4pm on Saturday

Attendence 1 point
Side that has the most people coming to the event.  This will be calculated from noon on Friday to 4pm on Saturday - both weekend and day attendence will oount towards this point!
Barony of Smoking Rocks Championships - The Barony will be having the Lord Protector Championship - Saturday AM, Fencing Championship - Friday PM, and A and S championship Saturday

Feast menu --

1st remove:
Stuffed eggs, Fresh goat cheese spread, olives and mushrooms, garlic and yogurt dip, dates in cherry and honey.  breads and butters.

Soup of chickpea and spinach

2nd remove
Stuffed roast pork with grape sauce,
Spinach and raisins with pine nuts.
Spiced carrots.
Blooded oranges

3rd Remove
Roasted chicken with rosemary and scallion
Leeks and onions in butter sauce
Vegetable couscous
Fruit compote

4th remove
Beef, bacon, sausage and chickpea pie.
Stuffed fruits

The Blow Hole Inn will be open on Saturday {late morning/early pm} for you to purchase refreshment!
Preliminary schedule as of June 5
Cohasset Schedule

Friday, June 14, 2013
12 Noon to 11 PM Troll Open – one war point to side with most attendees – includes both weekend and day attendees
12 Noon to 6 PM Chatelaine’s Point at Troll Open
4 PM to 8 PM Merchant Area Open – shop Friday and Saturday to win a war point
7 PM to 9PM Smoking Rocks baronial Fencing championship
10 PM to 11 PM Torchlight Tourney at Bear pit –heavy list
9 PM to 11 PM Torchlight Archery

Saturday June 15, 2013
7 AM to 3 PM Troll Open
7 AM to 1 PM Chatelaines Point at Troll Open
9 AM to 11 AM Fencing - Inspections/Auths/Warm-ups/pick-ups
9:00 to 9:30 AM Heavy Authorizations
9:30 to 10:00 AM Smoking Rocks Baronial Lord Protector Championship
10 AM to 12 PM Woods Battle – one war point
10 AM to 6 PM Merchants Open shop until 4pm to win a war point
10:00 to 11:30 Archery Royal rounds – war point for most people on a side shooting
10:00 to 12:00 A & S Populace display - childrens and Adults/
Also Smoking Rocks bBaronial A and S Championship – set up and registering
12:00 to 4:00 A & S Populace display Children and Adults – 2 war points
A and S populace vote – 1 war point
Also Smoking Rocks Baronial A and S Championship
11 AM to 12PM Youth Thrown weapons lessons
11:00 to 12:00 The French Hood
12 PM to 1 PM Adult Thrown weapons lessons
12:30PM to 3:30PM Archery Novelty shoot – war point
12:30 PM to 2 PM Blow Hole Inn Open for Lunch:  by Freehold
1 PM to 4pm( Thrown Weapons Populace Throw) one point
3 to 4pm Thrown Weapons Champions Tourney.Tourney starts on time.  No execptions - 1 war point
1 PM to 3:30 PM Heavy - Single Pick-ups/Melees/Auths/Open Field/Raiding tourney – two war points
1pm to 2pm Netting class
2 PM to 4PM Fencing – two tourneys – two war points
12 to 1 PM to limit 5 people Glass bead making class
4:30 PM to tbd Bardic – 1 war point
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM Baronial Courts - will be after bardic
7 PM to 9 PM Feast
After Feast Dancing - TBD
9:30 PM to 11:30 PM Informal Bardic

Sunday June 16, 2013
12 Noon Site Closes Thank you!!!

Site Opens: noontime June 14, 2013
Site Closes: noontime June 16, 2013
Event Location
Camp Greenough
227 Pine Street
Yarmouthport, MA  02675

Go over the Sagamore bridge and Take Route 6 (the Mid-Cape highway) to Exit 8.  Take a left off the ramp onto Union St.  Take 2nd left onto White Rock Road, cross the intersection and take your third left onto Pine St.  The entrance is on right just after the railroad tracks

Event Fees
Site : Site Fee Weekend -

Adults - $22
Teen 17 - 12 $15
Pre teen - 11 - 5 - $10
Under 5 - Free

Site Fee Day only -

Adult - $15
Teen 17 -12 - $10
Pre teen 11 -5 - $6
Under 5 - free

NMS of $5 will be added for non SCA members -
Please bring your membership card.  NOTE:  Cellular connection on the Cape can be spotty so accessing your membership via smart phone is questionable.  Thank!

Reservation by mail accepted until June 1st by mail or June 9th for ACCEPS


Feast: Feast Fee
Adult - $10
Teen 12 to 17 years old - $8
Pre teen - 11 to 5 years old - $7
Under 5 - free

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc, Barony of Smoking Rocks

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Master Padraig Dubh MacEanruig [Pat Harrington]
397 Presidents Ave Fall River, MA 02720
phone:  508-675-1245
email:  Padraig12@aol.com

Lady Solskinn {Liz Gerald]
POB 1605 Onset MA 02558
email:  solskinn23@yahoo.com
Phone 508-631-6900

Send Reservations to:
Liz Gerald
POB 1605
Onset, MA 02558

Other Contact Information:
Feast-O Crat
Lady Tatiana DiBivar
Email:  Tati001aol.com
Phone:  5086751245

Merchant contact:
Lady Elaina Howys of Morningthorpe
Elaine Sears - Dennehy

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