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Event Details
Market Day at Sigtuna Event date: March 23rd, 2013
Hosted by Canton of Seashire - Lake Echo, NS
Event Last Modified: January 3rd, 2013
Event details
Can’t do the travel to Birka? Welcome to the Market at Sigtuna!!  What is Sigtuna?? It happens to be a town in Sweden, and it was founded over 1000 years ago on the shores of Lake Malaren.  It operated as a royal and commercial center for some 250 years and was one of the most important commerce sites in Sweden.  The city minted its own coins in the 10th and 11th century!  We aim to recreate the Viking town and the Market at Sigtuna.

Calling all Merchants!! 
We want to invite you to the market at Sigtuna.  Come ply your wares, be it silversmiths, jewellery makers, bakers, or fabulous wares from far off lands!!  No merchant is too small (or too large) to sell your goods in our market!! 

Where would our Viking lands be without warriors to show their prowess!  The Canton of Seashire will host their annual championship to determine the greatest fighter in Seashire!  We hope to see all young men (and shield women) come out and show their abilities.  Those not from the Canton, have no fear, for there will be a defender title as well for the fair Canton of Seashire!
There will be no sideboard.  There will be a feast buffet from 3-4.

There is no charge for table space but you need to preregister with the Mayor of Sigtuna for a table.  ronna.boudreau@gmail.com

Alert the Champion of Seashire, Baron William Lancton, of your intent to wage war with your brothers and sisters for the title of Seashire Champion!!

Market Visitors
Please register with Lady Brianna, the Market day organizer, for attendance at the feast and event.

there will be Viking crafts for which will be displayed in a parade to open the Seashire Championship.

Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 7pm
Event Location
Lake Echo Community
3168 Hwy 7
Lake Echo, NS  B0J 2S0
Event Fees
Site : On Board

Adult $17.00
Teen 13-17 $16.00
Youth 5-13 $12.00 C
Child < 5 Free
Family $53.00
Family will be defined as 2 adults and two youths

Off Board

Adult $ 9.00
Teen 13-17 $ 7.00
Youth 5-13 $ 5.00
Child < 5 Free
Family $23.00

$5.00 Surcharge for Non Members applies

Feast: Sunday, March 17

Make Checks Payable to: Canton of Seashire

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Ronna Boudreau (m'Lady Theresa des Chats)

Send Reservations to:
Wendy Regular (Lady Briana Douglase)
19 Mary Etta Dr
RR1, Box 25
head of Chezzetcook, NS
B0J 1N0

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