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Event Details
Spring Tyger and Bucket Event date: May 11th, 2013
Hosted by Province of Malagentia - East Waterboro, ME
Event Last Modified: March 11th, 2013
Event details
It has been a year.  A dry, dusty year.  We have survived the summer campaigns, the autumn harvest and the winter storms.  Spring comes next, though, and so we hang the shingle, dust off the bottle and polish the bartop to a welcoming gleam.  Soon.  Soon now the doors will be flung wide, the golden lamps will laugh back at the moon, and grins of welcome will flash in the firelight.  The Tyger and Bucket will open for business!  Songs!  (Such songs!  Bawdy, maudlin, old and older....all the songs we love to sing together...) Stories!  (Such stories!  Tell the worst or the best, tell the house or your neighbor or the bottle in front of you.  We’re all listening, though never all at once.) Food!  (Such food.  Laird Gryff has been plotting, planning, tasting, simmering and stewing for a year.  Just you wait and see what he brings to us this time.) Drink!  (Such drink!  This is the place to showcase the best you care to share.  We have invented two drinks already at this bar, and we wll be glad to try for more!  And since you are sharing them of your own accord, they’re even free!) Wenches!  (Such wenches!  Kind, efficient, useful and universally lovely.  Hey!  Hands off, mister.  What you do on your own time is up to you, but we’re workin’ here!) Pickles!  (Not metaphoric pickles!  Actual, delicious pickles.  The metaphor is in the dancing...) And all the good company and fellowship that we have to share.  The Tyger and Bucket will once more reign supreme.
Site Opens: 5:00 pm
Site Closes: 11:00 pm
Event Location
The Ossipee Mountaineers Snowmobile Club
255 Old Alfred Road
East Waterboro, ME  04030
Event Fees
Site : Site fee is $5.00 and a $5.00 non surcharge for all non SCA members.

Feast: Please remember that dinner prices are separate from the site fee.  The prices are low to keep the event affordable.  Actual tavern fare will be available for stated prices as long as supplies last.  Appetizers, main and side dishes, all will be delicious.  The site is wet.  Drinks are shared as folks choose.  You can bring and drink your own, share all you have with the house or sip lemonade in the corner.  It’s that kind of bar.
This event revels in the glory of life in all forms.  This is a tavern atmosphere and may not be suitable for children, or those of weak heart, or people who hate fun. 
Anyone present after 10:30 will be conscripted into a cleanup work gang. 

Make Checks Payable to: No pre registration

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Please contact: 
Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt at abbeyslife@gmail.com
or call 207-329-8752 for any questions

Send Reservations to:
No reservations

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