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Event Details
"Potted" Arms & Fancy “Faire” VII Event date: June 29th, 2013
Hosted by Canton of Hawke's Reache - Huntington, NY
Event Last Modified: April 25th, 2013
Event details
Spring flowers into summer.  Their Excellencies, Baron David Vázquez de Valençia and Baroness Mistress Suzanne Neüber de Londres, set out on their inaugural sojourn across the lands of An Dubhaigeainn to collect tithes on their way to the Pennsic War. 
The Canton of Hawkes Reache welcomes them with a Summer Faire, replete with two fencing Tournaments, including a Pas D'Arms Tournament to select the new Baronial fencing champion; the Baronial Thrown Weapons championship; an Archery practice with Royal Rounds and many other games and activities for all.  Merchants are most welcome to help the populace get into fine shopping form for Pennsic.  The Canton invites you to bring your chairs, blankets and shade to take respite upon the lawns, participate in the wide variety of activities, and visit with old and new friends. 
There will be a hearty day-board served throughout the event.  No feast will be served, yet fear not!  None shall leave hungry, as the table has groaned under the bounty of our day-board these past six years!
The Tournaments:
Fencing - In Search of Cortes’ Gold

So the journey to seek fame and fortune winds its way to the Amazons, and many who follow it will find glory, riches, and dangers.  The Spanish crown seeks adventuring souls to take up the challenge to recover the lost gold looted by Cortes from the Aztecs, and you have answered.  Those few who brave the tempest and survive will be rewarded with earthly riches, while those who fall behind will be consumed by the terrors of the jungle.  You gather at the local tavern to discuss your potential and find many rivals.  Heated arguments and boasts ensue and fueled by strong drink…

The Hat Auction:  Drunken Debauchery Tavern Brawl will be the first part of the contest.  Rules are simple:  4 fencers at random will start in the tavern, any AUTHORIZED weapon combo is allowed upon entering the tavern, with allowance for a table to hold any off hand weapons you care to leave in the tavern.  You are allowed to change out your off hand weapon any time you can.  Every 30 seconds or so, a bell will ring, announcing the next fencer is entering the fray.  Only body and
head shots count, discount arm and leg cuts/hits.  There is no death from behind (except for one special circumstance), but loose alliances and bribes are encouraged.  Here’s the twist:  each fencer MUST use their sword in their non dominant hand for their first fight, then switch at each resurrection from dominant to non dominant handedness.  Each fencer is allowed 6 resurrections, (4 lives, sword in non dominant, 3 lives with dominant) and on the seventh death, you are out.  I will rank Fencers, most rapid deaths goes first as Defender for the next scenario.  Last one to stay alive will be the winner of the Hat
Auction.  If everyone dies together, there will be no winner of the Hat Auction, proceeds to go to the Baron for his discretionary use.  (the rights to Death from Behind is allowed to one fencer who is in possession of the Giant Spanish Mackerel)

Defend the Gold:  this is the fencing tourney scenario for the Baronial Championship.  Each Fencer will get a chance to play the part of the Aztecs, and defend the gold from the marauding Spanish attackers.  The list field will have a high side, a low side, and in the middle, ground paint will mark off areas denoting a river.  For the purpose of this scenario, this river is infested with piranha.  A Defender will be posted on the uphill side of the list field, away from the water’s edge.  There will be a gong hung from a post in the defender’s position, and under that, a pot of gold.  The defending fencer will be allowed to use any combination of defensive weapons (single sword, sword and rigid parry, sword and soft parry) to keep the attackers away.  The Attackers will be using any combination of offensive weapons (sword, sword and dagger, case) to get the gold.  Attackers will start on the low side of the list field, and have to cross the river and either 1) kill the defender to get the gold, or 2) ring the bell with using their sword only, denoting they overpowered the guard defending the gold.

All fencers will start this game with 3 coins in their purse.  Attackers will declare the weapon form they are using first, then the
Defender announces their chosen form.  All fencers will use only forms in which they are authorized.  Attacking fencers will line up in numerical order to get the gold.

Defenders will be allowed a SINGLE gun shot during their defensive stance against only one rival, and can announce they are using it – that attacker will be assumed dead for purposes of scoring – still play through.  The defender will have to use sword and rigid parry for that bout (if not authorized, use single sword).  The defender can loot the attacker’s body for 1 coin for this.

A leg wound (either leg) to any fencer while his foot is in the water will result in that person’s DEATH, as the piranha will eat them.  The winner can loot the loser’s purse for 1 EXTRA coin for a dead body in the river.  (so either attacker or defender can die in the river) Double kills are double kills, and neither fencer gets any coins.  If a fencer is killed (not legged) while in the river, the same rule applies – the winner may loot the body for 1 coin.

Scoring will be measured in coins accrued during the fight.  If the Defender wins, they can loot the attacker’s body for coins – 3 coins if the attacker used Case, 2 coins for sword and dagger, 1 coin for sword only and an extra coin for legging them/killing them in the river.  If the Attacker wins, they get the coins in the pot:  3 coins for beating defenders using sword and rigid parry, 2 coins for sword and soft parry, and 1 coin for single sword plus 1 coin if the defender dies in the river (defenders can only lose 1 coin per bout from their purse).  ALL fencers all allowed to know what the running tally of coins possessed per fencer is at any time.

If any attacking fencer runs out of coins and is defeated, the defender gets nothing to loot.  Defenders:  causing a double kill is a good tactical way of preventing an opponent fencer from scoring.  Leg them in the river whenever able.  Use a simple combo of weapons to deny them coins if you are outmatched.  You get one shot, so shoot an opponent who is close to your score.  Attackers:  to score, you have to ring the bell, not kill the defender.  Wound them and run around to get the bell:  that will work just as good.

The Baronial Championship for Fencing will be decided by who is eligible and has the most coins at the end of the day.  If there is a tie, they must fight with their best weapons combo (no exchanges once chosen) in the river to 2 victories, so leg wounds are counted as DEAD and double kills are double kills.

Please contact Lord Enraig by e-mail at uncleeanraig@aol.com or by phone at 631-849-4066 before 10 PM with any questions. 

Thrown Weapons

The Canton is happy to report that the Baronial Thrown Weapons championship, will again return!  To all gentles who would be so inclined, come join us and test your mettle against one another in a battle of accuracy.  The challenge of the day will be thrown weapons, knife, axe and spear at a variety of targets, the Baronial winner claims the right of calling oneself Champion of AnDubhaigeainn!  Our current champion, Lord Magnus Sverre Haakson (Paul Holm) promises tests of skill and accuracy!  For more information, please contact him by e-mail at prholm@yahoo.com with any questions.
Site Opens: 10 AM
Site Closes: 6 PM
Event Location
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington
109 Browns Road
Huntington, NY  11743

From the Long Island Expressway, take Exit 49N (Route 110), or
From the Northern State Parkway, take Exit 40N (Route 110), or
From the Southern State Parkway, take Exit 32N (Route 110) then: 
• Take Route 110 North past Jericho Turnpike (Route 25) to Main Street (Route 25A) in Huntington Village (approximately 4 miles north of Route 25).
• Turn left onto Main Street and then make the first right turn onto Wall Street.  Continue north on Wall Street for approximately 3/4 mile to Southdown Road. 
• Turn left onto Southdown Road and continue west for approximately.  1 mile to Browns Road. 
• Turn right onto Browns Road (stop sign and blinking light at intersection.) Continue north to the site (109 Browns Road), which is on the left just past Southdown School.

Event Fees
Site : Site fees:  Adults:  $15; Children (10-17):  $6; Children (2-9):  $3; Babes in Arms (under 2) free.  Family maximum rate of $45.  The $5 non-member surcharge will be added to all adult site fees lacking proof of membership. 

Merchant fees:  WAIVED.  Please contact the Autocrat if more than two tables are needed.  And please bring a shade structure for your comfort. 

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-NY Inc--Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Autocrat:  Lady Sorcha of Stonegrave (Pamela J.  Jacques), 16 Leonard Drive, East Northport, New York 11731, 631-754-8977 before 9 PM or e-mail:  pjjny@yahoo.com

Co-Autocrat:  Lord Miquel d’Avinhon (Michael Davies), 516-398-3043 before 9 PM or e-mail:  mdavies1@optonline.net, 516-398-3043.

Send Reservations to:
Lady Sorcha of Stonegrave (Pamela J.  Jacques), 16 Leonard Drive, East Northport, New York 11731. 

Other Contact Information:
Feastocrat:  Mistress Suzanne de Neuber de Londres (Susan Maebert-Frank) at e-mail:  sdelondres@gmail.com.  Please contact her with any dietary concerns

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