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Event Details
Orchard War V Event date: July 26th, 2013 - July 28th, 2013
Hosted by Shire of Hadchester - Union, ME
Event Last Modified: May 20th, 2013
Event details
The Wheel of the Year has made another turn and the Pennsic War is upon us - many of our finest warriors have gone off to protect our Kingdoms Western edge.  Yet, pray attend good gentles and heed the warning of a seeress from the Northern woods.  She has heard rumblings from the trees that strangers from Southern seas again plan to pilfer the home orchards on our Eastern coast whilst our brethren are away!  Therefore we beseech all good gentles manning the home defenses to gather with us to protect Harolds Orchard!

Bring your swords, rapiers, bows, and throwing weapons that we may exhibit our marshal prowess!  Bring your Artisans and Scientists that we may exhibit our creative talents!  Bring out your musicians and dancing shoes that we may display our boundless grace!  Bring your favorite feast fare that our communal evening table may overflow with scrumptious delights!  Bring your best bardic tales that we may revel at the fireside and raise many a toast to those near and far!

Such glorious festivities will surely keep the raiders from daring to breech our dearest Harolds Orchard! 
Site Opens: July 26, 2013 at 2 p.m.
Site Closes: July 28, 2012 at 2 p.m.

Event Website: www.hadrianskeep.webs.com/orchardwarsv.htm

Event Location
Union FairGrounds
Route 235
Union, ME  04864

From the North/Northeast:  Take Rt.  3 West from Belfast to Belmont.  Turn left on Rt.  131 South to Union (approx.  15 miles).  Turn left on Rt.  17, then immediate right (Common Rd.).  Union Fairgrounds is on the right, 0.1 mile.

From the East - Camden/Rockland area:  Take Rt.  17 West to Union (approx.  112 miles).  Turn left on Common Rd.  directly across from Union Farm Equipment.  Union Fairground is on the right 0.1 mile.

From the South - Coastal Route; Take Rt.  1 North through Waldoboro.  Turn left on Rt 235.  North (approx.  1 mile North of Waldoboro village) to Union approx.  6 miles).  At the Union Common, turn left (Common Rd.).  Union Fairgrounds is on the left (approx.  0.5 mile).

From the West - Augusta:  Take Rt.  17 East, toward Rockland.  In Union (approx.  25 miles), turn right on Common Rd.  directly across from Union Farm Equipment.  Union Fairgrounds is on the right, 0.1 mile.

Event Fees
Site : Adult Non-member $15.00
Adult Member $10.00
Youth (age 6-17) $ 5.00
Child (age 0-5) $ .00
Family Cap $40.00 (Non-member/2 adults + 2
Family Cap $30.00 (Member/2 Adults + 2
Merchant No additional fees -
pre-registration required
Volunteer Discount with Prior Approval

Feast: Deadline for Pre-registration is July 18, 2013

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Maine, Inc.

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Event Steward:
Patricia Ingling aka Zelda of Hadchester
email - ping04862@tds.net
207-273-2559 No call after 10 p.m.

Event Steward Assistant:
Sally Oliver aka Freygerthr of Visby
email- freygerthr@hughes.net

Send Reservations to:
Orchard Wars V Registration
c/o Patricia Ingling
810 Old Augusta Road
Warren, ME 04864

Pre-Registration Packet available at:  www.http://hadrianskeep.webs.com/documents/ORCHARD%20WARS%20V%20PRE-REG%20PACKET.pdf

Other Contact Information:
Merchant Coordinator:
Sean Bailey aka Fat Friar
email - the fatfriarmead@gmail.com
207-563-5382 afternoons only

Thrown Weapons Marshall:
Anne of the Fuzzy Hat
home - 207-549-4889
cell - 207-312-3008
email - wish4dreamhome2aol.com

Archery Marshall:
John Vaster aka:  Erik of Vastergotland
email - j.vaster@hughes.net

Heavy Combat List Marshall/Youth Combat Marshall:
Thomas de Winterwade (Sam Bartlett)
phone - 207-660-3557
email - winterwade@yahoo.com

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