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Event Details
Baronial Birthday of Stonemarche Event date: October 19th, 2013
Hosted by Barony of Stonemarche - Newport, NH
Event Last Modified: October 6th, 2013
Event details
The Barony of Stonemarche is celebrating its 26th Birthday.  Join us at the beautiful South Congregational Church in Newport, NH as we commemorate our history and greet the future. 

Stonemarche is proud to host the Northern Region Arts & Science competition along with selecting our own Baronial Artisan.  (more details below)

Throughout the day there will be classes and games of skill such as Chess, Nine Men Morris, and Bocce. 

There will be armored and rapier combat tournaments.
Depending on the number of armored fighters who attend, we will hold either a double elimination or Round Robin format.  In addition, a prize will be awarded for the best death during the tournament.  So, bring your weapons, shields, and be prepared to ham it up for the public and assembled gentles.
For those rowdies who wield a rapier there will be a return to Le Canard Gros, the best tavern south of Calais.  Bring your rapier wit and drinking vessels for this all out tavern brawl, sure to see many a purse and person cut!  If your skill is keen there will be booty to be had.

Their Excellencies Xavier and Maria will hold a Birthday Court for any presentations to the Barony. 

As the cooks of Stonemarche are renowned throughout the kingdom, there will be a light day board and sumptuous feast to astound your senses and fill your bellies.
Please address any feast or allergy questions to:
Lady Lilie of Eastham
mka Carolyn Henderson
(603) 953-3015

If you are able to walk once feast is finished, there will be a Birthday Ball for those who enjoy the finer art of dance.

Merchants are encouraged to bring their wares to sell and there will be space provided for an SCA yard sale, so bring your extra SCA things to sell or trade.


No celebration is complete without the work of the artists, artisans, and makers of the Known World, for it is through their efforts that we can step back in time.  Bring forth your best arts and sciences and enter the Stonemarche Baronial and Northern Region A&S Championships!

Items may have been entered in previous competitions or displays.
All skill levels welcome.
This is a popular vote competition--the people voting may not know much about your project, so come prepared to make your case!
Participants will be given detailed entry forms to fill out on site, but extra documentation is welcome.

Entry forms will ask:
1.) What is the project?
2.) What is its date and place?
3.) What historical artifact inspired you, and what did you do to learn more about it?
4.) How is your entry made like the historical one?
5.) How is it different?
6.) What did you learn from making this?
7.) What would you do differently?

Questions:  e-mail Pani Astryda Borowska (MKA Astrida Schaeffer) at astrida@schaefferarts.com

Please note, this site is BONE DRY. 

Site Opens: 10:00 AM
Site Closes: 11:00PM
Event Location
South Congregational Church
20 Church St
Newport, NH  03773

South Congregational Church
20 South Main Street
Newport, NH 03773


Event Fees
Site : There is no entrance fee for this event.
Happy Birthday, Stonemarche!

Feast: Feast is limited to 75 seats, so it is recommended to reserve early.

$12 adult/$6 youth in advance
$15 adult/$8 youth at the door

Please send paid reservation to:
Lady Deirdre Planchet
Jeanne McCarron
PO Box 261
Hampstead, NH 03841

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NH, Inc.  - Barony of Stonemarche

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Elizabeth Becker
Lady Anjuli de Foljambe

Send Reservations to:
Lady Deirdre Planchet
Jeanne McCarron
PO Box 261
Hampstead, NH 03841

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