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Event Details
Neddingham County Fair Event date: September 19th, 2014 - September 21st, 2014
Hosted by Barony of the Bridge - Coventry, RI
Event Last Modified: March 9th, 2014
Event details
Countess Elspeth Kyfe of Neddingham, being that she holds the title of Countess would like to sponsor a County Fair!  She would like to encourage folk from far and near to come enjoy a weekend of sharing, learning and fun.  The event will feature a series of craft, study and practice stations.  We invite all manner of groups to request a space to practice and share their particular interest.  It should be a group because there should be at least one person AT the station all day so you might want to take shifts or hold little classes or whatever you choose to do.  Merchants are also encouraged to come share their wares at no cost for space or shares to the Barony.  The space is granted on a first come first served basis, however.  There is space in the hall and on the closed in porch as well as outdoors around the site.  Feel free to bring tables, shelters, or blankets but be aware that no stakes may be driven into the main field.  They have a sprinkler system that they do not want punctured. 
Some of the study/practice stations I anticipate are heavy list, cut and thrust, thrown weapons, dancing, fiber arts, and brewing.  The list will be updated as plans are confirmed.  One of the most important aspects of this event is that we would like to be sure that ALL daytime activities are friendly for all ages.  We feel that it is very important to INCLUDE children in our study and practice as much as possible.  This means there will be no separate children’s activities and adults should be prepared to share their knowledge and time with our younger SCAdians at this fair.  They often have as much to share with us as we have to teach them!  Keep this in mind when planning your group practice/study area.
After dinner we have been known to share a game or a drink and a whole lot of fun and antics.  (As child friendly as the day is, after dinner activities will decidedly not be).  There are two big field stone fireplaces in the hall before which many a song have been shared and story told.  Please bring ears and voices to add to the wealth.  There is space on the porch for dancing all night.  This site is soaking wet as long as no one brings alcohol between the hall and the lakeside.  We have many local brewers who enjoy sharing and showing off their handiwork.  Come do the same. 
Cabins have six beds in each (3 bunk bed cots).  They are unheated, but have shuttered screen windows.  They do have electricity.  There is one outlet in each near the door as well as an overhead light.  They are located 20-100 yards from a fairly well appointed bath house.  Tent spaces are just that; space to pitch a tent you bring with you.  The same rules apply to camping tents as to merchant tents.  No tents can have stakes driven into the main field.
A day board designed and cooked .  in part, by our young people will be provided on Saturday, included in your site fee.  In the evening, we plan on having a very simple and delicious evening meal together.  There are 70 seats available for it and we need to know if you will be joining us for the meal no later than September 10 so the cook will know how much food to make.  Breakfast Saturday and Sunday (until 10am) will be available for those staying with us in cabins or tent spaces.


Site Opens: 7pm, Friday, September 19
Site Closes: 12pm.  Sunday, September 21

Event Website: 1137 Newport Ave

Event Location
Westwood YMCA Camp
2093 Harkney Hill Rd.
Coventry, RI  02816

Take your best route to I-95 in southern RI.  Take Exit 6 to Rt 3 north (Nooseneck Hill Rd.) toward Coventry.  Follow 1.4 miles.  Turn left at traffic light onto RI-118 west (Harkney Hill Rd).  Follow 4.0 miles.  Westwood Camp is on the left.  Cars may be brought to the cabins BRIEFLY for loading and unloading but all cars MUST be parked in the parking lot.

On Saturday there may be a person in the booth when you enter.  Please let them know if you are staying overnight.  If you are staying over night DO NOT take a ticket.  If you are NOT staying overnight, please take one ticket per person and bring it to the event gate table with you so they will have an accurate count of day-trippers only.

Event Fees
Site : Site opens at 7 pm Friday and closes 12 noon on Sunday
Day fee $8 per person
Cabin $23 per person (includes site fee)
Tent space $50 (up to 4 people – includes site fee)
Under 18 gets a $1 discount off site fee.
Under 5 free.
$5 non-member surcharge is applicable for anyone over 18 years

Feast: Dinner Saturday $10 (limit 70, reserve by September 10th) Contact Head Cook, Fergus Redmead with dietary concerns or limitations(fergusredmead at yahoo.com)

Make Checks Payable to: SCA-Rhode Island, Inc.

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Adelaide Wanderer, MKA Celia Zanger
1137 Newport Ave., Pawtucket, RI 02861

Send Reservations to:
Celia Zanger
1137 Newport Ave., Pawtucket, RI 02861

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