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Event Details
Sir Wilhelm's Hastilude & Demo Event date: May 16th, 2015
Hosted by Barony of Dragonship Haven - Bethany, CT
Event Last Modified: January 5th, 2015
Event details
"In 1388, Henry Knighton recorded in his chronicle that during the Merciless Parliament, four French knights sent a challenge to four English knights to fight a hastilude at Calais.  The Frenchmen offered to fight 'in the form of war' or a joust of war.  Knighton goes on to say that two of the Englishmen 'returned with 'great renown,' which was all any knight really wanted anyway.'"

Hastilude, from the Latin hastiludium (literally "lance game") was a term used in the Middle Ages to refer to many kinds of martial games.  On May 16th, come to the Barony of Dragonship Haven and participate in the games our Patrons and Sponsors have devised.  Return with great renown – or be a spectator and cheer on your favorites as they test their mettle!

**** We will be sharing the site with the Lion's Club Flea Market on Saturday until about noon.  We encourage all to be good stewards and chatelaines for the SCA.  If you are willing to volunteer for a shift as a "Roving Chatelaine" please contact Mistress Vienna de la Mer or Captain Elias Gedney.  Sashes will be provided identifying you as a newcomer contact person.  ****


Martial Tourney: 
Unto the unbelted fighters of the East I, Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbruke, do send greetings.  I invite you all to enter my first ever “Sir Wilhelm’s Ironman Challenge!” I created this tourney with the sole purpose of giving the unbelted fighters of the East the opportunity to show off their fighting prowess against the Order of the Chivalry.  My Brothers and Sisters of the Order I call on you to come out and get all of the fighting your hearts could ever desire.  I truly need you to make this tourney succeed.  The tourney has two parts, a singles fighting part and a melee part.  Fighters are encouraged to form a team, per the guidelines below, prior to the event and use a little strategy.  The tourney is as follows.
Part 1:
This was inspired by the scoring system of Birka but with my own twist.  The Chivalry will hold the lists with various weapons forms.  The unbelts will challenge the Knight/Master and enter their list (preferably with matched weapons but not required) and fight three fights.  You will receive 1 point for the fight, 1 point for a win and a bonus point for defeating a royal peer (if applicable).  I know this may come as a surprise but the Chiv are only human so they will be rotated out of the various lists to make sure you all have fresh fights.  This will go on for two hours.
At the end of the two hours there will be a short 30 minute water break/rest and then on to the next stage.
Part 2: 
Melee baby!  This part will consist of 5 person melee teams fighting round robin like Balfar’s Challenge.  Each team can consist of no more than 2 members of the Chiv or 1 royal peer.  A team will receive a single point for the win.  This part will run for two hours.
At the end of the day the point totals of the of the 5 team members, from both tourney parts, will be tallied up and the highest team score wins the day.
This event will be right at the beginning of the melee season so should be a great test to see where your endurance lies.  My only regret is that I will be running the tourney instead of fighting with you all.  If anyone has any questions or needs any clarification, please send me an email.

Contact Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke, tourney sponsor, for more information at uberwilhelm@yahoo.com

Rapier Tourney:  To come
Contact Don Don Nathaniel Wyatt, tourney sponsor, for more information. 

Equestrian Tourney:  To come
If you wish to bring your horse(s) to this event, please contact the equestrian marshal-in-charge prior to the event.  All horses attending the event must have a current Coggins test, and horses traveling from outside Connecticut must have a current 30-day interstate health certificate, per SCA Equestrian regulations.  Equine health paperwork can be transmitted to the marshal-in-charge prior to unloading the horse from the trailer.  Sorry, no rental horses are currently available for this event. 
Contact Duchess Kiena Stewart, tourney sponsor, for more information. 

Archery Tourney:  To come
Contact Lord Omelan of the Left, tourney sponsor, for more information. 

--Demo/Artisan's Row-- To come
This site offers a perfect opportunity for an SCA demo.  We would like those who are able to setup a period pavilion to teach or show a craft (an artisan’s row if you will).  If you are willing to donate your time, skills, and expertise, please contact Vienna de la Mer, our Demo Coordinator

--Additional Information--
Service animals are allowed.

Fires only in raised structures (the Fire Department is right next door!)

For those that are mobility challenged, the grounds are fairly flat but very spacious; there is ample amount of walking.

Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: 8 pm

Event Website: TBD

Event Location
Bethany Airport
Amity Rd (Route 63)
Bethany, CT  06524

More information to come.

Event Fees
Site : Donation only (Suggested donation, $5.)

Feast: There is no feast.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., Barony of Dragonship Haven

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Event Stewards:
Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Mistress Vienna de la Mer
Brian and Jackie Van Ostenbridge
203-723-2699 -- NO CALLS AFTER 9 PM!

Send Reservations to:
Not Applicable.

Other Contact Information:

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