Our Charter

Be it proclaimed throughout the Kingdom of the East that We, Darius and Roxane, King and Queen of the East, hereby grant unto the Herbalists' and Apothecaries' Guild of The East Kingdom a Charter. It shall be the duty of this Guild to serve the East Kingdom as an open forum for the exchange of information on the Herbal Arts and lore of the current and then Middle Ages. It is Our pleasure that membership in this guild be open to any of Our subjects who express interest in the Herbal Arts.

It is Our wish that The Herbalists' and Apothecaries' Guild shall serve the Kingdom as a resource in all matters appropriate to this Art and Science of Herbalism. Therefore We charge the members of this Guild with the responsibility of sharing their knowledge and skills with all of Our subjects who may wish to approach them for the purpose of instruction or information, whether it take the form of classes, mentoring, or other arenas yet unexplored.

We direct the Guild to institute a voluntary system of certification and ranking on the basis of knowledge and expertise, assigning ranking levels through a system of panelling by the Masters of the Guild. It is further Our wish that the Guild shall annually present to the Rulers, as a fee, goods of the Guild's manufacture.

The public face of the Guild shall be represented by an Agitator, whose qualifications shall be decided upon by the members of the Guild. Through the person of the Agitator, the Guild is directed to foster the goals herein outlined, making themselves available for the education and enlightenment of any who so desire.