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From the Earl Marshal
From the kingdom Earl Marshal Greetings Unto the East Kingdom,

My time as Earl Marshal of the East Kingdom draws to an end. While I enjoyed my tenure, all good things must come to an end. I will not seek a second term because my sword has grown quite thirsty. A new Earl Marshal must step up in January 2017. It is a two year term and requires attendance at Crown, Coronation, Curia and Pennsic War. In addition, Aethelmearc War Practice is highly recommended. The prospective Earl Marshal should be well versed in Society, East Kingdom and Pennsic rules and conventions. Please provide letters of intent and resume to TRHs Brion and Anna as well as to myself as soon as possible. The email addresses are Prince@EastKingdom.Org, Princess@EastKingdom.Org and Earl-Marshal@EastKingdom.Org.

On a personal note, my time has seen great challenges and rewards. I have met a great many wonderful people throughout our Glorious Kingdom and The Known World and I am most grateful for the support and kindness you have shown me. I thank Sir Osgkar of the Woods for his advice and guidance as the first Earl Marshal Emeritus and hope that I can be at least half as useful to the next Earl Marshal as Sir Osgkar has been to me. I also thank Master Olaf Haraldsson for his research, knowledge and service as my right hand and drop dead deputy. I could not have done this job without your help. Indeed, I thank every deputy (even the usurper of my name, who serves in Combat Archery). Your knowledge and guidance to the East has allowed our Kingdom to prosper and enjoy martial activities. Duke Gregor von Heiseler, who talked me into applying for this position ("trust me, you'll have a great time"), I thank you for marshaling Crown in my stead so that I could be present for the birth of my daughter. Your guidance has been immeasurable. Duke Edward Grey of Lochleven, thank you for your trust in me. I hope that I lived up to your expectations. Finally to Arasen Saikhan, my husband, inspiration and partner in all things, thank you for your patience, indulgence, advice, support and love.

I look forward to continued service to the East Kingdom.

Yours in service,
Sir Jibril al-Dakhil
East Kingdom Earl Marshal
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