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Event Details
Tournament of the Roses TRM will be in attendanceEvent date: October 14th, 2017
Hosted by Barony of Dragonship Haven - Naugatuck, CT
Event Last Modified: October 11th, 2017
Event details
ALL HAIL THE ROSES!  The time has come once again for us to show our respect and represent our Queens.  Those amazing women whom have guided, supported, sponsored, encouraged and inspired so many. 
The Barony of Dragonship Haven is delighted to be the host for this years tourney.  Ladies of the Rose, we wish you all well.  Bring on your Champions!
Heavy List:
2 Members of Chivalry, only one of which can be a Royal Peer (but NOT the person who made you Queen)
3 Unbelted fighters
No more than one of the Chivalry and one of the Unbelted can be a member of the Rose’s household.  MIC is Lord Pat Brown patmikbro@gmail.com NO POLE ARMS ALLOWED!  This is a HARD site rule.  It can not be changed for anyone for any reason.  If it is defined as POLE ARM IT IS NOT ALLOWED.  The hall height will not allow it!
2 Members of the Golden Rapier, only one of which can be an MOD
3 Rapier fighters who are not members of the OGR or MOD.
No more than one of the OGRs and one of the Non-OGRs can be a member of the Rose’s household.  MIC Don Christoffel d'Allaines le Comte amosbrooks@gmail.com

1 Member of the Sagittarius
1 Non-Member of the Sagittarius
Only one of the archers can be a member of the Rose’s household
MIC Lord Casimir Sarkastyczny mikejbourdeau@gmail.com
For the first time, a Roses Tourney will also have an A&S component.
1 Laurel
1 Non-Laurel
Only one of the A&S participants can be a member of the Rose’s household.  For A&S contact Lady Holt Cincaid, holtcincaid@hotmail.com

Heavy List & Rapier Tournaments
One Rose team will challenge another, and the two teams’ heavy fighters and the two teams’ rapier fighters will compete against each other.  When all bouts are fought, each team will seek another team to fight.
The tournament(s) will be fought Bedford style.  Each bout will be best of three.  Heavy list and rapier fighters will share the same list and bouts will go on simultaneously.  There should be room enough for at least two bouts to happen at the same time. 
Archery Tournament
The archery range will be indoors, in the same huge warehouse building everything else will be.  Tournament details are TBD.
Arts & Sciences Competition
Each participant should bring one item that they created.  Items can be documentable, approximations, learning experiences, or clever ways of hiding modern items.  Participants can sit with their items if they wish, but they are not required to.  Documentation is not required.  If you feel your item needs an explanation, then keep it to no more than a single sheet of paper.
Judging will be Populace Choice.  Everyone is encouraged to judge – there will be a sign in sheet and each person will be given 3 beads.  Judges will vote by picking the three items that they like the best and putting the beads in the cups by the items.  Each bead is a point, and the item with the most points wins.  When they sign in, each person will be asked if they are on a Rose’s team.  Team members will win additional points for their team by judging the A&S.

MERCHANTS your more then welcome!  please contact the Merchant in Charge Mistress Lettice Peyton at ladypeyton@yahoo.com
The Site is very large,please feel free to bring banners, flags, day shades (in doors, so no stakes).  Anything to help make our day beautiful.  Tables will be 1st come 1st serve.  We suggest you bring chairs.  Site is handy capable.  working/service/therapy animals are welcome!  SITE IS WET!
9 am doors open for Merchants.  10 am for populace.  10 am tourney registrations begin.  11am Introduction of Rose and Teams.  12 noon tourney begins.  Court between 5/6.  Site closes 8pm.

Site Opens: 9am set up.  10 am DOORS OPEN FOR POPULACE
Site Closes: 8pm
Event Location
Naugatuck Event Center (formerly general datacom industries)
6 Rubber ave
Naugatuck, CT  06770
Google Map

Please GPS, Google Maps, or WAZE the directions.

Registration Fees
Registration: no registration necessary.  $15 at door 18 and up.  There is a $5 member discount.  ages 6-17 will cost $5.  Youth under 5 and babes are free.

Feast: No feast, no dayboard.  Food venders on site, or bring your own.There are also many local food establishments.

Make Checks Payable to: Scainc barony of Dragonship Haven

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Isabella d'Allaines le Comte theresabrk@gmail.com Theresa Brooks (203-927-3106) 9am-9pm.  Texting or email is best.

Send Reservations to:
reservations are not necessary

Other Contact Information:
Heavy Lord Pat Brown patmikbro@gmail.com
Fence Don Christoffel amosbrooks@gmail.com
Archery Lord Casimire mikejbourdeau@gmail.com
A&S Lady Holt holtcincaid@hotmail.com
Merchants Mistress Lettice ladypeyton@yahoo.com

Event Steward Lady Isabella

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