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Event Details
Saturnalia at Vindolanda: Ruantallan 12th Night Event date: January 19th, 2019
Hosted by Barony of Ruantallan - Middle Sackville, NS
Event Last Modified: October 16th, 2018
Event details
Circa 125AD.  Vindolanda, a Roman auxiliary fort lying just south of Hadrian’s Wall in England’s northern lands is a cold and dreary place for the Roman soldiers stationed there to spend a long winter.  To ease the pain of the cold months ahead, their commander has instructed Centurion Spurius Genucius Rutilus to organize a Saturnalia celebration with the troops and invite all to join in the festivities!  Feasting, gaming, gift-giving and general merriment are in store for those who come to honour Saturn, the Roman god of Harvest and Agriculture.

IO!  Saturnalia!


•Gaming including the ever popular Chariot Races hosted by Centurion Spurius himself!
•Children’s crafts and games
•Special Saturnalia activities to be revealed closer to the event
•A Roman Feast by Mistress Gwenhwyfar and her kitchen staff
•Dressing in Roman attire is strongly encouraged but not necessary
•Ruantallan Arts and Sciences Championship
•Ruantallan Bardic Championship
•Court at Their Excellencies’ Whim

Site Opens: 12:00 NOON
Site Closes: 9:00 pm

Event Website: http://www.ruantallan.eastkingdom.org/events/saturnalia-at-vindolanda/

Event Location
Springfield Lake Recreation Centre
266 Lakeview Avenue
Middle Sackville, NS  B4E-3B6
Google Map

Directions:  Go to the following web page and plug in your address to get detailed directions to the site :  https://maps.google.ca/maps?ie=UTF8&f=d&daddr=Springfield+Lake+Rec+Center,+266+Lakeview+Avenue,+Sackville,+NS+B4E+3B6&geocode=CfYUDYpA9DVRFXTOqwIdplYz_CHv_EIuXkPDZQ&gl=CA&hl=en

Registration Fees
Registration: Registration Prices:

*Onboard* means you are paying for the feast.
*Offboard* means you bring your own food.
Onboard cap:  100


Onboard:  $20.00
Offboard:  $11.00
*$5.00 discount per adult with valid SCA membership

Teen:  (13-17)

Onboard:  $14.00
Offboard:  $5.00

Child:  (5-12)

Onboard:  $13.00
Offboard:  $4.50

Child Under 5:

Onboard:  Free
Offboard:  Free

Family (Based on two adults and two children at the same residence)

Onboard:  2 adults + teens/children:  $65.00
Offboard:  2 adults + teens/children:  $30.00
*$5.00 discount per adult with valid SCA membership

Feast: Registration deadline and cancellation date is Midnight, January 12, 2019.  *If you do not cancel by the deadline you will have to pay the full amount of your reservation*

Make Checks Payable to: The Barony of Ruantallan Inc.

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Event Steward:  Spurius Genucius Rutilus MKA:  Stephane Colin, 902-465-5775, christine.colin@ns.sympatico.ca

Head Cook:  Gwenhwyfar Dina Emrys

Assistant Event Steward:  Isolda Fairamay

Gatekeeper:  TBA

Send Reservations to:
Please register by sending the following information of each person in your party to Isolda Fairamay at christine.colin@ns.sympatico.ca:

SCA name (if you have one)
Modern name
Contact info
Age of each person under 18 in your party

Registration payment may be sent to:
Christine Colin
68 Osborne Dr.
Eastern Passage, NS
B3G 1H4

Alternatively you may fill in the registration information on the webpage:

Registration deadline and cancellation date is Midnight, January 12, 2019.  *If you do not cancel by the deadline you will have to pay the full amount of your reservation*

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