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Event Details
A Mid-Winter's Celebration Event date: December 8th, 2018
Hosted by Barony of Stonemarche - Nottingham, NH
Event Last Modified: November 7th, 2018
Event details
Please join the Barony of Stonemarche as we celebrate the change of seasons!  There will be a feast, martial activities, activities for the children and even prizes given out for those under 18!

* Please note - December Curia will be held from 9:30 - 11:30 at this location.  *

Oyez, oyez!  The Barony of Stonemarche is once more in need of a champion to promote the Arts and Sciences throughout our mighty lands.  Therefore, any and all Artisans and Scientists of the Barony are henceforth summoned to present their finest works in a contest of skill, artistry, and knowledge.  Let it be known that this contest shall be held at our Baronial Yule on December the 8th, 2018.

Any questions please contact the A&S Minister or current champion.

Details are as follows:
1.  If a Research paper is the entry,
a.  It is limited to 8 pages
b.  Research papers must be emailed one week prior to baroness@stonemarche.eastkingdom.org
c.  They will be read ahead of time, but face-to-face discussion and scoring will occur. 

2.  All food, beverage, and cosmetic entries must have a full ingredients list to avoid foreseeable allergies.
Please note:  The Site is dry , this means a brewing option will require some extra work.  If you are interested in submitting a brewing option, please email baroness@stonemarche.eastkingdom.org so that arrangements can be made. 
3.  Works that are too bulky to transport may be entered via photos & write-ups.

4.  Works-in-progress are welcome, but must be to a point that the work being done can be identified

5.  Please bring items made within the last 7 years (previously no time limit)

6.  Use of smart phones or computers to show images or references is permitted but not required.  No equipment will be supplied, but you may share or borrow.  Internet access may not be used during the competition.

7.  Multiple items may be entered, but they will be judged as a single body of work.  No multiple entries, please. 

8.  Documentation is requested, but not required.  Extra points will be awarded for the appropriate use of a primary period source.  (Please contact our A&S minister or champion if you have any questions about primary sources)

9.  EK A&S Rubric will be used from the following page.  http://moas.eastkingdom.org/cms/wp-content/uploads/KQAS_Rev_GeneralRubric_5_19.pdf

10.  Part of the Baroness’s criteria includes how does the entry relate to the Barony of Stonemarche .  All entries are excepted, but when the Baroness judges for her Score a component will be how it relates to the Barony.
1.  Entrants may be any age, but all work that is entered must be done by that person.
2.  As with all of the Baronial Champions, Entrants do not have to reside in the Barony.
3.  The Champion is expected that they will represent the Barony in all competitions that they choose to enter during their tenure
4.  The Champion is expected to encourage A&S in the Barony during their tenure


The Scoring:
· 3 Scores total each worth:

Score one:  Judging Panel
o 3 - 5 judges use the E K A&S Rubric and score.  As noted above, proper use of primary sources will be awarded additional points. 

Score two:  Baroness
o decide on her top 5 using the Rubric and their own criteria. 

Score three:  Populace
o Each person gets 5 beans/beads to vote with and the people with the top 5 votes.

A&S Champion will be the person with the greatest number of points totaled by the 3 Scores. 

Tie Breaker:  Baroness, current champion, and 3 Peers will discuss, possibly interview and decide.  Rubric may be used to help decide.

Site Opens: 11:00 am
Site Closes: 6:00 pm

Event Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/469810533426618/?notif_t=plan_user_associated¬if_id=1541634879723220

Event Location
Nottingham Recreation Center
139 Stage Road
Nottingham, NH  03290
Google Map

Nottingham Recreation Center
139 Stage Road
Nottingham, NH 03290


Registration Fees
Registration: There is no fee for this event.
Donations of non-perishable food are welcomed, and will be donated to the local food pantry.

Feast: Please contact Lady Cassandra Hobbes (Feast o'crat) with ANY food allergies.


There is no reservation required.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NH Inc Barony of Stonemarche

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Autocrat - Susan Young
Lady Astridr Saegeirsdottir
ph:  603.966.8073
email:  susan@irishsinger.net

Deputy Autocrat - Valerie Griswold-Ford
Lady Cassandra Hobbes
email:  captain_hobbes@yahoo.com

Send Reservations to:
Lady Finnghualla inghen Mhic Cealleigh
c/o Kelly-Jean Henderson
8 Roger Ave
Concord, NH 03301

Other Contact Information:
If you will be bringing children (17 and under) to this event, please RSVP to Lady Anjuli, as she is coordinating prizes for them all.  She will need how many children and their ages. 

Elizabeth Becker:  costbyanjuli@yahoo.com

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