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Event Details
Return of the Lions Event date: May 4th, 2019
Hosted by Canton of Lions End - Locust Valley, NY
Event Last Modified: April 23rd, 2019
Event details
Return of the Lions is coming soon to The Canton of Lions End!  With it will come amazing food, wonderful classes, a silent auction and some fun times with friends!  Do come and join us!!

Welcome to the Return of the Lions!

Similar to the Lion's Awakening event last year, we will be having open format schola classes.  Teachers welcome! 

Contact Lady Abigaill at groovyfirechick at gmail.com or Jenna ChildSlayer at pmsattack at hotmail.com to sign up. 

There will be a designated table for each "type" of art/craft (ie, a "fiber pit" a "heralds table", a "scribal table" etc).***Class offerings below.***

There will be a Silent Auction (donations welcome - preferable are items of interest/use for SCA folks) to help offset site costs.  (Contact Lady Abigaill at 516-965-0416)

Scrumptious dayboard to be provided by Lady Arnbjorg, Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi and their famous provincial kitchen assistants. 
-Tentative Menu:
Crumb Cake
Deviled Eggs
Mushroom and Cheese Pie
Salami and Cheese Cubes
Olives and Pickles
Honey butter and Bread/Rolls
Tzatziki Sauce
Carrot and Celery Sticks
Garlic Chicken
Plain Water and Mint-Ginger Water
Carafes of Elderberry and Lingonberry Water

Food questions/concerns/allergies:  Contact Lady Arnbjorg

Site is handicapped accessible.


A&S CLASSES:  TBD - please volunteer!  Due to the open format teachers will be able to take classes too!

please check the FB event for updates/additions!

***Fiber Pit*** (spinning, weaving, processing fiber, the gods only know what else and how much drifting fluff we'll have to sweep up at the end of the day!) (THL Fiona the Volatile - beaded lace)
***Calligraphy & Illumination*** (Lily Morgaine - basic illumination)
***Messy stuff table*** (Lady Iola - soapmaking, Laurie of Three Skulls - silk painting $2 materials fee, Friderich Grimme - sauces)
***SCA Life*** (Jenna - Pennsic 101, SCA101, "Ask the Wench", Apollodora - "Trans 101")
***metal/wire*** (THL Hugeline the Delicate - wire wrapped rings)
***knife sharpening*** (of special interest to our cooks, perhaps? by Gareth of Arden)
***intro to fencing/equipment*** Lord Alexander MacLoughlin
...with more to be added!


And if all the above wasn't enough, Their Excellencies will be hosting the Provincial Bardic Championship as well!

From the current Provincial Champion of Ostgardr, The Honorable Lord Ervald La Coudre:
Entrants must prepare two pieces of performance art in period style about, regarding, based on or in reference to the theme of "a long time ago and far far away".

Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: 5 pm

Event Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/221129995417921/

Event Location
Locust Valley Reformed Church
115 Ryefield Rd
Locust Valley, NY  11560
Google Map

GPS/Googlemaps is not always reliable.  There are phone/GPS signal issues in the area.  We STRONGLY suggest printing directions.

Click link below to access map and directions:  https://goo.gl/maps/oRXreapm2gq

For those who will come by train the site is a mile and a half from the Locust Valley Train Station. 

If you will need a ride from the station and will be arriving on the 9:35 am train please let Lady Abigaill know in advance and we can pick you up!

Registration Fees
Registration: Site and day board fee $20
Child 6-17 $6
5 & Under (Babe-In-Arms) Free
Member Discount $5

Feast: No Feast

Make Checks Payable to: SCA- New York, Inc.  - Canton of Lions End

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Meredith Kassner-Gomez
Aka:  Lady Abigaill Bakere

Douglas B.  Kassner
Aka:  Lord Duggmore Douglass

Sheree Fuller
Aka:  Lady Arnbjorg Nilsdottir

Sheldon Wax
Aka:  Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi

Class Schedule Coordinator:
Jenna Childslayer

Send Reservations to:
Meredith Kassner-Gomez
11 George Street
Locust Valley, NY 11560

Other Contact Information:
Friends, We are currently looking for donations of items for our Silent Auction.  Anyone having an item(s) they wish to donate can contact Lady Abigail at 516-965-0416 to arrange for it to be picked up.

If anyone is interested in teaching a class, please contact Jenna Childslayer at TheAlphawench @ hotmail .  com or via FB.

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