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Event Details
Hunter's Moon: Return of the Kielbasa Wars! TRH will be in attendanceEvent date: August 30th, 2019 - September 2nd, 2019
Hosted by Shire of Anglespur - East Greenbush, NY
Event Last Modified: August 18th, 2019
Event details
Over 30 years ago, the then-shire of Dragonship Haven crossed blades with the Shire of Anglespur in an epic weekend-long battle that came to be known as the Kielbasa Wars.  This great skirmish is remembered fondly by those who were there.  Unfortunately, no one can remember the outcome of the war.  We in Anglespur believe there is only one way to decisively settle the matter:  do battle again!

We invite one and all to join us as Anglespur meets Dragonship Haven for a weekend of fun!  We will do battle in many forms, from swords and rapiers to arrows and axes.  There will also be a variety of gentler arts to entertain and activities for our youth.  Bring your best - and your kielbasa!  - and we'll see who carries the day this time around!

Weekend Activities Will Include:
-Heavy Weapons fighting - there will be a tournament on Saturday afternoon.  Inspections and authorizations start at 11.  Tournament starts at 12.  Pickup fighting from 12-3 will be available on Sunday.

-Fencing - we have a long list of fencing tournaments for gentles of all skill levels to participate in.  Authorizations and inspections will be from 10:30-11 Saturday and Sunday morning.  This year's tournaments include:  Our traditional Brawl in the Biergarten, a Kielbasa Meat Grinder Tournament, a Cut and Thrust Tournament, and our traditional "Goufee Parry" Tournament.

-Archery - the range will be open from 10-4 on Saturday and Sunday, with a novelty shoot tournament running over the weekend.

-Thrown Weapons - the range will be open from 10-4 on Saturday and Sunday, with a break for lunch from 12-1.

-Youth and Family Activities - We will have a variety of games to play and activities to try.  The shaded shelter on the main field will be available for Family Activities from 10-4 each day.  Youth Combat will run from 11-3 both days, operating out of the Main Cabin.

-Arts and Science classes - the EK College of Performers will be featuring a Commedia del'Arte and improv track throughout the weekend.  There will be a performance on Saturday night, as well as a bardic circle.  There will also be other classes taught on other topics, and Sunday will feature our traditional "bead bar."

-Dance - dancing will take place on Saturday evening in between the commedia performance and the bardic circle, and on Sunday evening.  Start times for both nights should be roughly 8:30pm.

Merchants are welcome!  Please contact the autocrats so we can accommodate your spacial needs.  We will have a "shopping war point" this year, so don't forget to ask about that when you check in.

Every main activity at the event, including the merchants, will have a game, tournament, or contest to participate in for "war points" to determine the winner of the war.  Be sure to come to Closing Ceremony on Sunday evening at 5pm so we can find out who won the Kielbasa Wars! 

Gate hours for checking in are as follows.  If you arrive on site when Gate is closed, find the nearest Area Head to check in or come back when Gate is open.
Friday August 30th
Gate Open from 5 PM to 11 PM
Saturday August 31st
Gate Open from 8 AM to 8 PM
Sunday September 1st
Gate Open from 8 AM to 12 PM

Information/Rules About The Event Site:
-This is a Girl Scout campsite.  Please clean up completely after yourself.
-During setup, you may drive up to the patch of land where you intend to put your tent, unload and set up, and then move your vehicle somewhere more discrete.
-We have port-a-potties scattered around site, as well as 2 flushies and 2 showers located in 2 of the permanent site fixtures.  One is the Lodge, located at the site entrance, and the other is the Bathhouse, located just off of the fencing field.
-There are spigots in a few spots around the site with running potable water.
-Digging of any kind is not allowed.
-Outside firewood is not allowed.  NY is one of the states that's currently having a problem with invasive beetles, so we have strict firewood rules.  However, you can forage around the site or you can take a quick trip to the nearby Stewart's convenience store, which sells firewood.
-Portable stoves and BBQs are allowed, as are raised firepits.  We only ask that you be responsible with your equipment - don't go to bed with something still burning, don't spill kerosene, etc.
-The lake area is OFF LIMITS.
-Children under 7 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.  Children 7-12 must have a responsible adult within line of sight at all times.  Children 13-17 must have a responsible adult within line of hearing at all times.
-Site tokens must be worn at all times.
-ALL cabins, tents, and camping areas are first come, first served.  We are NOT taking reservations.
Site Opens: 5pm Friday
Site Closes: 12pm Monday

Event Website: https://anglespur.eastkingdom.org/hunters/index.html

Event Location
Camp Is-Sho-Da
321 Mannix Road
East Greenbush, NY  12061
Google Map

From the South, North, and West: 

Take your best Route to I-90, Eastbound.  Cross the Hudson River, into Rensselaer County.  Take Exit 9.  At the end of the ramp, turn Left, and get in the Right hand lane.  Turn right onto Mannix road immediately after the on/off ramp for Westbound I-90.  If you come to a stoplight (in either direction) you've gone too far.  The camp is about a mile up the road on the left. 

From the East: 

Take your best Route to I-90, Westbound.  Do not cross the Hudson River, into Rensselaer County.  Take Exit 9.  At the end of the ramp, turn Right.  Turn right onto Mannix road immediately after the on/off ramp.  If you come to a stoplight (in either direction) you've gone too far.  The camp is about a mile up the road on the left.

Registration Fees
Registration: Please Note:
There is no reservation deadline because the event is donation-optional.
Anglespur enjoys hosting donation-optional events, but we can only continue to do so if donations cover all of our expenses.  If we do not make our budget this year, we will NO LONGER be able to host Hunter's Moon as a donation-optional event.  Please donate and help us to avoid fixed site fees in the future!

Feast: Due to the rustic nature of the site, there is no feast.  There are plenty of spaces for fire pits, and flyers listing nearby eateries will be available at the Lodge.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY INC, Shire of Anglespur

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lorita deSiena and Mikulaj von Meissen
(Melissa and Kevin Schuman)
146846@members.eastkingdom.org (Lorita)
155656@members.eastkingdom.org (Mikulaj)

Send Reservations to:
No reservations for this event.

Other Contact Information:
Archery Marshal in Charge:
Lord Harvey Wynegode

Arts and Sciences Coordinators:
Lord Douglas of Anglespur and Lady Sáerlaith

Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge:
Lord William the Mysterious

Heavy Weapons Marshal in Charge:
Master James Hawk Galloway

Youth and Family Activity Coordinators:
Lady Anna Elisabetta and Lady Caera (family activities), Lady Ekaiterine (youth combat)

Rapier Marshal in Charge:
Master Grim the Skald

On-Site Merchant Liaison:
Lady Janna von Guggisberg

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