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Help Wanted
Northern Region Seneschal

Regional Seneschal Job Description:
The Regional Seneschal acts as a support person for the Kingdom Seneschal and as a liaison between the Kingdom office and the local groups of the Northern Region. In some ways the Regional Seneschal serves two masters: the Kingdom Seneschal and the Seneschals within the Region.

Key responsibilities:
Collecting quarterly reports from regional Seneschals and preparing a summary for the Kingdom office. This includes but is not limited to current action items, current issues, identifying strengths and weaknesses within the groups, and some sort of summary around the level of active demonstrated by the groups. This includes supporting the regional Seneschals in getting their reports submitted in a timely manner.

Communicating information from the Kingdom office to the regional Seneschals. This includes interpreting and answering questions around communications. Also, communicating information from the local Seneschals to the Kingdom Seneschal. For example, being a resource when a local group wishes to bring something to the attention of the Kingdom.

Acting as the first line of support for regional Seneschals in providing information and problem solving. Supporting the Kingdom office by being the eyes and ears of the region. Activities assigned by the Kingdom Seneschal such as reviewing pollings.

Interpersonal skills
Computer skills (more important than you would think in a Medieval recreation organisation), both in using word processing & spreadsheets, and the ability to find information on the Kingdom and Society websites.

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