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Help Wanted
The Kingdom does not run itself. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of people that are needed in all aspects of the Society and Kingdom to allow us all to enjoy the Dream. It is those volunteers who donate their time, energies, thoughts and expertise in all needed corners of the Kingdom that make it possible to keep the Kingdom running smoothly.

As the old saying goes, "Many hands make light work." Did you know? This proverb was first recorded in English in the early 1300s in a knightly romance known as Sir Bevis of Hampton. So this too is Medieval!

If you would like to suggest a needed Officer that you do not see here please Open a Help Desk Ticket.
Small Seneschal Badge Office of the Seneschal Website
The Office of the Seneschal is the equivalent to the President of any other organization.
Deputy-Seneschal: Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfüßin
Tir Mara Crown Principality Deputy Seneschal: VACANT
Northern Region Deputy Seneschal: THL Saruca bint Lazari Job Description
Small Exchequer Badge Office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Website
The Office of the Exchequer is the equivalent to the Treasurer of any other organization.
Chancellor of the Exchequer Deputy: VACANT
Northeast Region (CT, MA, RI) Deputy Exchequer: Baroness Arlyana van Wyck
Central Region (NY excl. NYC & LI) Deputy Exchequer: VACANT- seeking applications
Exchequer Training Deputy 1: VACANT
Exchequer Training Deputy 2: VACANT
Exchequer Training Deputy 3: VACANT
Exchequer Administrative Deputy (Warrants-Book Reviews): VACANT
Small Herald Badge Office of the Brigantia Principal Herald (Chief Heraldic Officer) Website
The Office of the Heralds
Small Earl Marshal BadgeOffice of the Earl Marshal Website
The Office of the Marshallate.
Kingdom Siege Marshal Website
The Siege Marshal.
Northern Region Deputy Siege Marshal: VACANT
Small Youth Badge Kingdom Youth Fighter Program Website
The Kingdom Youth Fighter Program.
Deputy Youth Fighter Program: Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin
Tir Mara Crown Principality Deputy Youth Fighter Program: Iuliana Angelina
Central Region Deputy Youth Fighter Program: THL Lorenz Greylever
Small MOL Badge Office of the Minister of the Lists Website
Office of the Minister of the Lists.
Central Region Deputy Minister of the Lists: Triona MacCasky
Small Signet Badge Office of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet Website
Office of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet.
Small Calligrapher Badge Kingdom Calligrapher : Always looking for more volunteers!
Small Illuminator Badge Kingdom Illuminator : Always looking for more volunteers!
Small Chatelaine Badge Office of the Chatelaine Website
Office of the Chatelaine.
Small Chancellor Minor Badge Office of the Chancellor Minor Website
Office of the Chancellor Minor.
Deputy Chancellor of Minors: Pia Maletesta d’Rimini
Small Webminister Badge Office of the Webminister Website
The Webministry is working to have a designated Webminister for every Kingdom Office, Local branch and Royal Guild who will raise the standards of the web presence for the East Kingdom. To that end, we are building a team of Webministers-At-Large (WAL) who can be assigned a website where they do not reside in order to assist with the upkeep of their websites. For the WAL Effort, we are always looking for more volunteers! Contact the WAL Coordinator today!
Deputy Webminister for Services: Master Joel Messerer(Accepting Applications for Successor.)
Online Polling Deputy: Duchess Avelina Keyes(Accepting Applications for Successor.)
Order of the Golden Lance Administrator:

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