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A household in the SCA can be many things. At the most basic level, it's a group of people who have affiliated themselves as a group. This may be to further a common activity (such as the arts or fighting) or just be a group of friends who like to spend time together. Households have no official status within the SCA, but are vibrant, important contributors to the Society. There are many more households than are listed here. If you would like to suggest a household to be added here, please Open a Help Desk Ticket.
The Brother/Sisterhood of Baronial BrewersWebsite
B3 was created to help foster brewing in the East Kingdom. B3 will incorporate brewing science with the face of the medieval church (without the religion). Medieval monks and clergy often made wine and beer to help pay for the life of their churches, monasteries and local communities. B3 will help educate their localities and promote brewing within the kingdom. This includes brewing for locals and local entities, Judging competitions, and conducting classes at local events.
Clan Blue FeatherWebsite
A self chartered guild formed to futher the study of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered experience in ancient and medieval times. We also assist in the historical research,aid in the education, encourage the sharing of information/experiences and to aid in the social support in these our current Middle Ages.
Crew of the Roisin Dubh Website
The Crew of the Roisin Dubh is a Household in which we try to bring back the golden age of Chivalry. The Crew of the Roisin Dubh is based mundanely in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, with members in Nova Scotia, and are a part of the Kingdom of the East. We are a Merchant/Mercenary household within the Society.
Fortress Three Monkey Skulls Yahoo group
We are a household based in the Plymouth/Carver MA area, but not limited to this area. We are in the Eastern Kingdom and Barony of Smoking Rocks. We protect the great pirate fortress Three Monkey Skulls and enrich the SCA experince. We also like to play a lot too. We are always looking for good pirates and gypsies to be part of our happy clan.
The Golden Oak InnWebsite
The Golden Oak Inn is a service household with members in Ruantallan and Dragon Dormant.
Grog is an SCA Household devoted to the family of Andra Moira Grogan, the Clandestine, from the Missing Moores, beyond the Lost Loch, and often unseen leader of House Grog. Bibo Ergo Sum! (I Drink, Therefore I am!)
House ArgentLupe Website
House ArgentLupe is special - focusing not only on historical recreation, but on friendship. We are committed to each other - to honor - to support - to playfully harass; all in all, we have heaps of fun together.
House BloodguardWebsite
Bloodguard is a Household resembling a faction of the Medieval German military order known as the Teutonic Order. We concentrate in heavy weapons and combat archery.
House of the Broken AxeWebsite
The House of the Broken Axe was founded with archery in mind. The merry adventure that led to our founding makes for an interesting read. As the years progressed, our knack for merrymaking attracted members from all martial & art backgrounds, making us a well rounded group. The Isle of the Sleeping Dragon is where we call home. We can also be found at our Northern Keep, where we hone our skills and fend off invaders from the North. Look for our banner and join us for some fun!
House Serpentius Website
Serpentius is an all inclusive household. Fighting, A&S, Service. Whatever you need, we can probably help you.
The Crimson CompanyWebsite
The Crimson Company is a group of combatants, artisans, and 'aide de camps' brought together under the head of the Company, Sir Gareth Grey de Wilton to fight against the enemies of the Kingdom of the East.
House GreyleverWebsite
Imbibo Magis, Vulnero Minor, Tamen Thymbra Is!
Founded in February of 1992 (via the East).
House Three Skulls Website
The Mighty House Three Skulls is a small, unassuming group of like minded individuals who loosely represent a period mercenary free company or Condotta. Their structure is best described as democratic absolute despotism. As well as artisans, craftsmen, entertainer, and friendly party animals, they can provide an interested patron with camp guards, archers, "special" services personnel and list fighters both heavy and light. They are amongst the friendliest, most open minded bunch of roisterers, cut throats, pillagers, thugs and ne're-do-wells as can befound anywhere in the Society. Don't forget to ask about the baby sitting service!
The Silver Horde Website
The Silver Horde is a group for the study and reenactment of Mongol history and culture. Our interests are as broad as the expanse of the Mongol Empire, with particular emphasis on fighting, archery, equestrian, calligraphy, cooking, linguistics and orthography, sewing, performance, fine arts, brewing, martial arts and historical research.
The Tadcaster Militia Website
"Exsulabimus enim". The Tadcaster Militia is a rapier company in service to the Crown of the East, standing ready to defend Her borders and Her honor from all attackers. Captained by Don Ian of Tadcaster, the unit comprises many fearsome and talented fencers from throughout England, Germany, the Low Countries and France. And Scotland. While our base of operations is in the Barony of Bhakail in the East Kingdom, we are "headquartered" on the ancestral lands of the Raven family of Tadcaster, in the north of England, near York. Which is nowhere near Vermont.
TOAD began as a fencing academy and melee team. Over the years it has developed into a diverse group of people who enjoy all aspects of the SCA. We have fencers, heavy fighters, archers, siege, crafters, service junkies and more.
House Timberwolfe
House Timberwolfe is a well known and well respected household who came together in 1988 and still remain strong. They are fighters, archers, forgers, artisans and even a few royals. Now a culmination of several generations of members, they pride themselves on family and loyalty and host Pennsic's annual Mardi Gras celebration, boasting record numbers of attendees every year. Its members stretch from Maryland to California, but remain close throughout the decades.
House Dragonwyck House Dragonwyck
Follow us as we develop and motivate SCAdians and newcomers with more activities. Supporting any events within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs NY. Access to over 50 videos directly from projects by Dragonwyck. Information and contacts in this region (or two).
Haus zum Kitzingen
An East Kingdom Household dedicated to service, companionship, and hospitality. Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen is the head of our household. We have two household mottos that embody our philosophy of how we should interact within the SCA:
Te nisi oblectas per peram facis (If you’re not having, fun you’re doing it wrong.)
Vera vita maxima (Real life comes first.)

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