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Welcome to the SCA
The East Kingdom is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA), a not-for-profit educational organization which studies the Middle Ages by recreating the pastimes and crafts of the period. The East Kingdom services eastern Pennsylvania, eastern New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

The SCA is a place where you don't just watch - you participate! Every person plays a part in creating the the atmosphere and participates in whatever activities and studies they find interesting. For some this means making period clothing. For others it means learning calligraphy, armored combat, fencing, archery, dancing or countless other activities that interest them.

We hold "events" (what we call our gatherings) nearly every weekend. Some events feature tournaments and feasts, while others specialize in learning more about particular crafts. The summer months often feature full weekends of activities. Come join us! We're happy to help you get started with whatever already interests you, or help you explore and find new interests.

Most local groups have an officer called a Chatelaine who is specifically charged with welcoming newcomers and helping introduce them to the SCA. A Chatelaine can help you with any question you might have.

If you do not know who your local Chatelaine is, you can always contact the East Kingdom Chatelaine directly or visit the East Kingdom Chatelaine website.

At an event, look for the symbol Small Chatelaine Badge which will denote someone as a Chatelaine. If you do not see someone with it, you can always ask at the check in and they will happily direct you!

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