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In order to find Kingdom Laws in a timely manner for all individuals it has been requested to have the laws published in a standard practice and placed in one location, not buried in separate officer pages.

The following links have the compiled and up to date Policies, Laws and Official Documents for ease of reference.
East Kingdom Officer Term Limits Website
Office of the Seneschal Resources Website
East Kingdom Seneschal Library of Documents
East Kingdom Law
Office of the Accessibility Porter Reports
Checklist for Event Stewards to Consider
Office of the Minister of Arts & Sciences Resources Website
A&S Officers Handbook
Kingdom A&S Policy & Procedures
Office of the Brigantia Principal Herald Resources Website
Policies of the Office of Brigantia Principal Herald
The East Kingdom Herald's Handbook
Office of the Chancellor Minor Resources Website
Chancellor Minor Policies
Office of the Chatelaine Resources Website
Chatelaine Policies
Office of the Chronicler Resources Website
Local Chronicler Policies
Publication Permissions Policies
Pikestaff Policies
Office of the Earl Marshal Resources Website
EK Earl Marshal's Policies
EK Earl Marshal Rulings
Policies of the Captain-General of Archers
Rules & Conventions Pertinent to Combat Archery
Regulations & Forms for Equestrian activities
East Kingdom Rapier Combat Rules
Rules/Regs for Siege Weaponry
East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Rules
Youth Combat Documents List
EK Youth Combat Rules
Youth Combat Information and Forms
Office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Resources Website
East Kingdom Office of the Exchequer - Policies and Handbooks
Office of the Minister of the Lists Resources Website
MoL Policies
Fighter Authorization Forms
Office of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet Resources Website
Policies of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet Office
Office of the Webminister Resources Website
East Kingdom Webminister Polices
Other Resources Web Page
There are more Resources not associated with a specific Office found here.

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