Mission/Goal Statement of the Guild

The goal of the Eastern Kingdom Herbalists' and Apothecaries' Guild is to encourage study, teaching and practice of medieval herb uses, as well as study of medieval apothecary and pharmacy practice, in the East Kingdom. The Guild should serve as a conduit for herbalists and apothecaries in the kingdom to communicate with and learn from each other, and to disseminate knowledge about medieval herbalism and pharmacy to others.

Tisane, the Guild Newsletter  

ti-sane - ti-'zan, - 'zan, n. Etymology: Middle English,from MiddleFrench, from Latin prisana, from Greek ptisanE, literally, crushed barley, from ptissein to crush - date: 14th century: an infusion (as of dried herbs) used as a beverage or for medicinal effects.

To learn more go to Tisane

EK Herbalists' and Apothecaries' Guild Mailing List

Mailing list for members of the Guild. Discussion of period herbal topics and guild business. Open to anyone who wishes to participate in the Guild or who is interested in the Guild's activities. To subscribe, send an e-mail to <ek-herbs-subscribe@eastkingdom.org> or click on the link below, and follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail you receive.

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In addition, you might want to join the SCA-Herbalist list, which is an SCA-wide discussion list for herbalism, but not associated with the Guild.

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Upcoming Guild Events, Meetings and Herb Classes:
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None planned at this time.

Coming Soon: "The Gallery" of pictures from past events.

If you have any photos of past herbal events, or herbal stuff happening, or other photos of interest to the guild, please share them! You can contact the Guild Webminister at herbweb@eastkingdom.org to get involved.
(Please print a Permission to Publish form and fill it out for the Webminister)

Herbal Class Handouts:

Here's a list of SCA-Herb related class handouts we've found.

Guild Trifold Brochure:

Any Guild member is welcome to download this brochure to hand out to people interested in learning more about the Guild. It's a two-sided brochure, ready to be printed and folded into thirds, with space on the back for you to put the contact information for your local branch of the Guild. If you don't have a local branch, please put the contact information for the Guild itself. Have fun! Spread the word!

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